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A home + lifestyle collective for the regional woman



A regional woman thoughtfully curating this collective for regional women.

A lover of natural materials + textures, organic form, neutral aesthetics + artefacts that become more beautiful with age, weather + patina.

A home, by my own definition, is a place of gathering + belonging, to be filled with cherished people, pieces and memories. Our home should reflect the journey that we have been on and are currently taking. The objects within a home should hold a connection with its owner, whether it be through heirloom, age, memories or simply an immediate attraction. A home’s style remains timeless when filled with items treasured. It seamlessly blends together + happily transitions through homes + hands as the family takes their journey.

I aspire to source + curate wares that you are able to form a connection with, whether it be for your own home or to gift with thought + care to another.

I have a feeling we share an appreciation of raw, unique pieces, organic textures and earthy hues, in aim of creating a calm, cosy home environment.

Welcome to our Gathered store, from my family to you.

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